“Date Night” Downtown


Enjoying Fall

I love picking apples–lots and lots of apples–and then coming home and making applesauce out of them.  I was initially a little worried that we weren’t going to find time to do so again this year, but we managed to sneak away from the work and everything else for a few hours.  So now we have a fridge full of apples and a freezer full of applesauce–which is just how I like it this time of year.

Playing with my new lens

I love the up-close, everything-else-blurry look of a good zoom and a wide-open aperture.  Of course, a true macro lens that will do all that is crazy-expensive…but I was lucky enough to get a nice new lens for my birthday that lets me crank up (or open?) the aperture to really low f-stops, and that produces some pretty sweet effects.  I played with it a bit around the house the other day, testing out the low end of the f-stops.  (This lens goes down to 1.8.)  It’s a bit of an adjustment to have to move to get the image in focus, as I’ve gotten used to working with my zoom lens, but I’m working on it.  And I can’t wait to play around with Christmas lights to get some really neat effects in the background!

Beautiful weather for a birthday romp

We celebrated my birthday and welcomed in the start of fall with a trip to the dog park yesterday.  Here’s some highlights of two my favorites enjoying the afternoon.

The Artistic View of Our Weekend Trip

Last weekend, Chris and I took a quick weekend get-away to Niagara Falls.  We were looking for a road trip that we could take on our own this summer, and Chris had never been to Niagara Falls (and it’d been year and years since I was there), so we made our plans and headed out.  It was a lovely weekend, and from a photographic standpoint, I got some really cool shots.  Of course, there were also some really awesome shots that I didn’t get that I wish I had been able to.  Like the falls at night–we went down to see it the first night we were there, but my tripod (which I actually remembered to bring!) was too short and it was so dark, the exposure time would have been crazy.  Of like the view from the Cave of the Winds at the base of the American falls–an incredible experience, but also a soaking wet one!  I brought both a point and shoot camera and my good camera, thinking we would do all the wet stuff on Saturday, when I’d bring the point and shoot, and then we’d do some scenic walks and things on Sunday where I could bring my good camera.  Of course, this backfired when we went to the butterfly conservatory on Saturday and the point and shoot was being really obstinate about what it wanted to focus on, and then we did Cave of the Winds on Sunday, which got us far, far more soaked than anything we did the previous day!  Either way, though, it was a great weekend away and here’s the photographic evidence!

Playing with Perspective Around Town

One of my challenges is finding new photography subjects–or at least new ways of looking at them.  I tend to fall in love with particular subjects (Old West at Dickinson, flowers, my little fuzzball Raven) and gravitate towards them.  But I also know that I have to try new things and different viewpoints to continue to learn–and just to have more interesting photo albums, as well!  So here is a collection of slightly new perspectives on some old Oakland favorites of mine.

Lunching in Carlisle

No trip to Carlisle would be complete without a stroll through campus.  And it’s greatly improved by a trip to Massey’s.

Real Life Impressionism

I will have three other collections of pictures to post in the near future, but here’s a quick artistic shot to tide you over for a few days.  More involved postings later!  For now, have a Seurat-inspired moment.

There’s a story there…and other wanderings about the neighborhood

Ever see something and know there’s something else to the story?

Or find, a few days later, unexpected reminders of said story in your front lawn?

That’s at least 2,000 words worth of a story right there, plus a few extra neighborhood shots that I found interesting or amusing coming back from a walk one summer morning.